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The s.a.l.t. sisters delicious, gourmet-style Porcini Poultry r.u.b.s was featured as a Clean Eating approved "sizzling seasoning" that will jazz up your poultry, meats, seafood and vegetables.  Read More >
The magazine, Clean Eating, included the Mediterranean d.i.p.s as a clean eating winner in their 2014 awards. This delicious dip was included as part of their Gourmet Goodies as a product that can be included in a clean eating diet without sacrificing taste.  Read More >
s.a.l.t. sisters is growing fast as a company. You've been able to find the products for sale at places like Mattern's Butcher Shop and Corner Deli, Yoder Meat & Cheese Co. and Das Dutchman Essenhaus, but Martin's Super Markets also started carrying some of the products recently.  Read More >
CN Essentials features new products each month that they think everyone will love. Item #3 in August is the s.a.l.t. sisters vanilla bean infusion kit, which CN calls a "sweet infusion".  Read More >
Charmane Skillen, Founder/CEO s.a.l.t. sisters explains the difference between unrefined salt & processed salt. Plus introduces a line of rubs that go beyond the traditional rubs.  Read More >
When cultivating a salt appreciation, it helps to broaden your perspective of this timeless and most basic kitchen ingredient.  Read More >
The magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, showcases s.a.l.t. sisters flavored salt gift set as one of the best food gifts for foodies, from novice to the gourmet. They note that these creatively flavored salts are the perfect way to add an extra layer of flavor to your favorite recipes.  Read More >
The magazine, Clean Eating, included the Mediterranean r.u.b.s, an aromatic combination of basil, lemon, red pepper and oregano, as a clean eating spice option in their 2013 awards. At the same time the Vanilla b.e.a.n infusion kit was included as one of the top choices in the sauces and condiments category.  Read More >
Holly Clegg, blogged on Trim & Terrific that s.a.l.t. sisters’ products are delicious and pair perfectly with trim and terrific recipes. The roasted garlic sea salt was a hit sprinkled over Roasted Vegetables.  Read More >
A feature of 15 products that are great for the Thanksgiving table, including s.a.l.t. sisters Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon c.a.n.e. Food Network suggests, "Rim cocktail glasses with these sugars or sprinkle them atop of an apple pie.”  Read More >
Clean Plate talks to the founder of s.a.l.t. sisters, Charmane Skillen, about the benefits of salt and how salt can be great for you if you know which type to use. Check out s.a.l.t. sisters' nutrient-rich variety of unrefined salts and rubs from around the world.  Read More >
Women-Owned Business News presents s.a.l.t. sisters unrefined, unprocessed and flavored salts as a product for emerging and established epicureans.  Read More >
Salt, a popular seasoning, has become a chic trend with flavor infused salts.  Read More >
Huffington Post includes the s.a.l.t. sisters products as part of the new wave of unique, upstart and independent food brands that bring a new and exciting trend to the market.  Read More >
Flicks and Foods showcase s.a.l.t. sisters as the leading flavor designer in herbs and rubs.  Read More >
A Labor Day post on featured the s.a.l.t. sisters products as a way to spice up the grill. A favorite for kicking up the flavor of grilled chicken was the Mediterranean r.u.b.s. Click here to view.  Read More >
See s.a.l.t. sisters on Fox News as a new product on Laura’s Indulgence day.  Read More >
Click through to watch the video  Read More >
We recently went to the D.C. Metro Cooking Show, were we met some amazing people. Fro and a Fork posted about the show. Check out what all they had to say in Eating Through The Recession; Metro Cooking Show Wrap Up and Giveaway.  Read More >
The s.a.l.t. sisters Vanilla b.e.a.n infusion kit has been included in the first-ever Midwest Living Holiday gift guide. The magazine presented 36 cool products that come from companies located in the Midwest.  Read More >