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Why Drink Rooibos Tea?

  Rooibos tea, also known as red bush or “red tea”, comes from the Cederberg area of South Africa. Indigenous Bushmen living in this region at the turn of the century discovered that the fine, needle-like leaves of the bush made a refreshing drink. Delicious hot or iced, these herbal infusions come in a wide variety of flavors.

Rooibos popularity has grown in North America, due to its high level of antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals, slow the aging process, fight inflammation and protect against chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. In addition, Rooibos tea contains many minerals including vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and manganese. 

The naturally caffeine-free tea also promotes healthy digestion and is known for its ability to quickly soothe an upset stomach. Rooibos tea is also lower in tannins (which make tea bitter), giving it a smoother and milder finish. This tea can be drunk as often as you wish and at anytime of the day. There are also green rooibos teas that are just as delicious iced or hot.

More Reasons to Drink Rooibos Tea
 1. Caffeine-free - makes it suitable for anyone including pregnant women and children.  It grows naturally without any caffeine, which means no chemicals are needed to remove the caffeine.
 2. Rich in Powerful Antioxidants - protects our bodies from cell damaging effects of free radicals.
 3. Contains Cancer Protective Antioxidants - the high level of antioxidants provide a strong cancer-fighting effect.
 4. High Mineral Content - perfectly designed by nature to optimize absorption of all available nutrients, including iron.
 5. Is Heart Healthy - has polyphenols that have anti-inflammatory properties and can guard against heart disease. This tea can lower blood pressure and total blood cholesterol levels. Also, known to protect other vital organs such as the liver. 
  6. Promotes restful sleep - can be consumed as often as you like at any time of the day. Due to its high mineral content and lack of any caffeine, it is known for preventing and treating insomnia.
 7. Improves Circulation - contains an antioxidant that is known to assist in blood circulation.
 8. Has a Calming Effect on the Digestive System - an effective anti-inflammatory that can reduce abdominal spasms and ease indigestion. Can relieve stomach cramps and colic in babies.
 9. Can Relieve Skin Conditions - soothes skin irritations when applied directly to the affected area.
 10. Combats Stress - lowers the production of cortisol "the stress hormone" in the body.
 11. Helps Fight Allergies - boosts the production of an enzyme that helps to metabolize allergens.
 12. Low Tannin Levels - with half the tannins of black tea, this tea doesn't inhibit the absorption of iron and is not bitter.
 13. Weight Loss - helps to control appetite making it beneficial in weight loss.
 14. Stronger Bones and Teeth - contains high level of mangenese and calcium
 15. Boost Immune System - helps build a strong immune system shown by recent studies.

Recommended consumption:  6 cups daily

(source: sarooibos.co.za)

Disclaimer: The information provided is for general purposes and should not be relied on as a substitute for professional medical advice, care or treatment.  You are encouraged to consult your physician or local health provider if you have any medical questions or concerns.