These meatballs are both savory and sweet with an mix of apples, orange zest and poultry seasonings. Great make ahead option for the lunch box and delicious served with a smoky flavored dip.  Read More >
A twist on the traditional coleslaw, with light and tangy flavors that dance in your mouth. Since it doesn’t use mayonnaise (you’ll never miss it) this is a great dish for all those summer picnics.  Read More >
Apples and pork, is there a better combination? This dish brings sweet and savory flavors together to delight the senses. This is easy to make, just put the ingredients together and pop it in the oven.
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A great make ahead dish that is perfect for your next brunch. This savory casserole is similar to a bread pudding, with an egg custard that soaks into the French bread overnight and is then baked the next day.  Read More >
Easy grilled burgers that are full of zesty flavor. We started by mixing in the Tuscan Ranch Dip and then stuffed them with bacon and cheddar. These are so yummy they are sure to become a staple this summer.  Read More >
Sweet and smoky come together in this dish.  Read More >
Delicious warm apples stuffed with walnuts and spices. These are great fresh out of the oven served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  Read More >
A great salad for the warm days of summer. Slices of grilled chicken, covered in our delicious barbeque rub, are tossed with lettuce and Southwest-style ingredients, then served with our creamy Southwest Ranch dressing.  Read More >
Beautiful chicken meatballs, flecked with sun-dried tomato and basil. These are great served in a wrap, over pasta or with a garden salad. We dished them up with our Salsa di' Parma pasta.  Read More >
A cool and refreshing dessert. We added a twist to these fruity popsicles with a delicious salty-sweet lime flavor finish. Make ahead to have a great healthy kid friendly option on hand for that next pool party or birthday party.  Read More >
Spicy goodness to warm up those cold nights. These are so delicious you will find yourself making them again and again.  Read More >
Why make ordinary brownies when you can make waffles? These chocolate waffles are topped with sweetened berries and a dollop of Vanilla Bean whipped cream for a delectable dessert.  Read More >
If you enjoy a good caprese salad you will enjoy this basil infused burger. Serve with a fruit salad for an easy summer meal.  Read More >
A light and fresh Italian salad made up of sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It is the perfect accompaniment to any summer meal.  Read More >
Citrus and spice come together in beautiful harmony on this grilled chicken. An easy jerk-seasoned marinade that adds wonderful flavor.  Read More >
A fabulous spice cake infused with all of the magic of Chai Rooibos tea, designed to tantalize your taste buds. This delicious cake has such great flavor that is over-the-top good with a cinnamon cream cheese icing. An easy-to-make recipe that would be fun to whip up with the kids.  Read More >
A tasty snack with lots of great flavor (tastes like Doritos) that the family will love. Make a big batch for movie night or the game, but keep in mind that this is addictive.  Read More >
The same creamy filling found in a pot pie but without the crust. Serve with biscuits or crusty bread to sop up the flavorful broth.  Read More >
For a quick meal whip up this flavorful recipe that uses fresh herbs and a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  Read More >
This meatless dish doesn't skimp on flavor. The sweetness of the potatoes mixes with the smokiness of the chipotle and the spiciness of the chili beans. This makes a good amount, which is a good thing since the chili tastes even better the next day.  Read More >
Chocolate strawberries, cherries and pineapple become decadent when sprinkled with flavored salts and sugars. These make impressive gifts, but make sure you save a few for yourself.  Read More >
Oh Yum! Salty and sweet in one delicious cookie. These are easy to mix up and make a lot, which is good because they don't last long.  Read More >
Oatmeal flavored with blueberries and cinnamon for wonderful flavor. This healthy breakfast is infused with super foods that are great for your health. You can double the recipe and package it in individual servings for a great take-and-go breakfast or lunch.  Read More >
Deliciously warm peaches seasoned with cinnamon flavored cane sugar. These are great for all of your fall baking. Use these delectable slivers of yumminess for topping desserts, ice cream or oatmeal. Of course, they are so good all by themselves too.  Read More >
A delightful orange flavored cake that is grain free. A beautiful dessert for that special occasion.  Read More >
This simple corn bread has a light cake light texture with a hint of sweetness and citrus flavor. A great side dish for any meal.  Read More >
A creamy chowder with a lot of flavor. This is a great soup that can be pulled together quickly but tastes like you slaved over a stove all day.  Read More >
Keep this recipe handy so you can whip up a gourmet style appetizer fast. This is easy to make, with only 5 ingredients and 20 minutes you have a finished dish that is really yummy.  Read More >
A classic cucumber salad that has been updated. The addition of Herbes de Provence adds a unique flavor that will have everyone asking for seconds. For the best flavor make the salad a day ahead and let the flavors meld overnight.  Read More >
Crispy chicken strips that are crunchy, flavorful and gluten-free. These delicious strips are wonderful served with the honey glazed dipping sauce and are kid approved.  Read More >
Crisp cucumber and finely diced slivers of radish create a deviled egg that tastes like potato salad in a bite size shell.  Read More >
A classic combo, bacon and eggs, come together in a new way. These deviled eggs are sweet and spicy with honey glazed bacon and spicy mustard.  Read More >
This egg salad has so much flavor with the magic of "Mojo" mixed right in. We start with hard boiled eggs, added chopped celery and onion for a little crunch and finished with mayonnaise and stone ground mustard for the perfect balance of creamy flavor.  Read More >
A warm and delicious soup full of good for you vegetables. This is made in the slow-cooker and is great for a busy day. Serve with some crusty bread and you have a hearty meal for those wintery nights.  Read More >
Vegetables straight from the garden become a delicious savory dish that is topped with an over easy dipping egg. With a little slicing and dicing and a hot skillet this dish can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.  Read More >
A Bloody Mary is a great drink for brunch. However, this version of the popular cocktail is not for sissy's.  Read More >
An easy to make Guacamole with a hint of lime. Once you try this you will never go back to buying the premade Guacamole dips. Make a batch or two for the game or as a side dish for taco night.  Read More >
A rustic stew with all the flavors of Autumn. This unexpected meld of sweet and savory tantalizes the senses. A great vegetarian option, so full of flavor that even meat lovers will love it.  Read More >
A warm and savory soup that is ready in a flash. The aroma wafting through the house will have everyone checking what’s for dinner.  Read More >
A delightful twist on the traditional herb crusted fish, this one may be missing the bread crumbs but not the flavor. The potatoes create a crunchy crust with a cheesy herb topping.  Read More >
Fresh carrots from the garden sauteed with Ginger and a little honey become an elegant side dish. Use rainbow hued carrots to add visual appeal to this simple dish. As an added bonus Ginger has many health benefits including aiding digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.  Read More >
Roasting the squash at a high temperature concentrates the flavor of this root vegetable creating a delectable savory, sweet flavor that just melts in your mouth. This honey glazed dish is a good addition to any meal and rarely are there any leftovers.  Read More >
Why share, when you can have your own? These individually sized cakes are fun to make for the kids and elegant enough for an intimate dinner for two. Try these cakes served warm from the oven and enjoy the delicious combination of pineapple, sugar and spice.  Read More >
This mix of fresh ingredients will complement any main dish. To make this a main entrée salad, add some chopped ham, salami, bacon or pancetta.  Read More >
Savory gluten free Italian meatballs that taste like Grandma made them. The meatballs can be cooked all the way through in the oven or simmered in a marinara sauce for a more traditional flavor (see note).  Read More >
A well loved classic soup. Our version is lightened up with turkey meatballs and is chock full of vegetables plus lots of great flavor.  Read More >
Light and buttery cookies filled with sweet jam that are perfect with a cup of tea. These need time to chill so mix up the cookie dough the night before and bake the cookies just before company arrives. You'll have warm cookies ready to serve in no time.  Read More >
An elegant appetizer for your summer get together. Easy to make with light citrusy flavors in a creamy dressing.  Read More >
A rustic sandwich that is quick for a late night supper or easy lunch. For a more elegant presentation spoon the salad into a tomato. This makes a great dish for a summer picnic.  Read More >
A light citrusy cookie with an infusion of lavender and salt that is perfect for any occasion. Mix the dough up ahead of time and it will be ready to bake for that special event.  Read More >
This is a delightful crisp salad with the tangy flavor of lime. A great salad to take along to a summer picnic or potluck. It can be served with tortilla chips for scooping.  Read More >
Delectable mix of fruit with a lime-honey dressing topped with a hint of lime salt. This is easy to make and sure to be become a family favorite.
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Delicious layers of raspberry and chocolate topped with a raspberry whipped topping.  Read More >
A delicious herb butter that is great to use in any dish. This is easy to make, keeps well and makes a great gift. Keep on hand for jazzing up those last minute meals.  Read More >
A cool and fruity Popsicle infused with Orchard herbal tea. A great treat that is fun to make with the kids. These will cool you down on a hot day.  Read More >
Chocolate and peanut butter, a great combination. This no bake dessert is so easy to make and the delicious layers look impressive.  Read More >
A fun sparkling drink with all of the health benefits of tea. Make the tea concentrate ahead of time and keep a supply on hand to enjoy this peach flavored drink whenever the you need a pick-me-up.  Read More >
A deliciously light cake infused with the sumptuous flavor of peaches. This makes for an elegant dessert with a topping of lightly sweetened, roasted peaches and a vanilla bean whipped cream.  Read More >
Try this hearty chicken salad that will delight the palate. This can be pulled together quickly with a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  Read More >
A wonderfully spiced cake, that is perfect for all your fall and winter holiday parties. We topped this cake with a maple frosting that adds an extra dose of seasonal flavor.  Read More >
These sweet and nutty biscuits are perfect for the holiday table. Make a double batch as they go fast.  Read More >
A great alternative to the store-bought dressing and it can be whipped up in a jiffy with ingredients you probably already have on hand.  Read More >
Perfect dessert for two with delectable layers of sweet raspberries and orange cream. Easy to make for that romantic evening or when you have unexpected guests for dinner.  Read More >
A warm potato salad with a delicious bacon vinaigrette dressing and caramelized vegetables. This potato salad is perfect for a party or an everyday meal.  Read More >
All the delicious flavors of a Caprese salad in a roasted pepper. This salad makes an elegant presentation.  Read More >
Roasting the tomatoes enhances the flavor and is easy to do. Expect the family to gather in the kitchen while these are cooking.  Read More >
A elegant cookie that is perfect for your next get together. These cookies can be prepared ahead of time, then sliced and baked just before the guests arrive. These also make good gifts at the holidays, just prepare the cookies up to the point of baking and wrap in colorful cellophane with pretty ribbons and you have an excellent hostess gift.  Read More >
Chicken wings are great game day food, but adding the s.a.l.t. sisters herb blend takes these wings to a whole new playing field.  Read More >
Whole wheat pasta topped with roasted vegetables. The depth of flavor that comes from roasting the vegetables first makes this dish worthy to serve to company.  Read More >
Decadent chocolate brownies that are topped with a thick chocolate ganache and sprinkled with finishing salt. Use any form of chocolate you like for this recipe, but the higher quality of chocolate used the better the brownie. For fabulous flavor try dark chocolate.  Read More >
A rustic dish that is delicious yet inexpensive to make with great savory flavor and a hint of sweetness. It looks like a lot when first put in the pan but the cabbage cooks down quite a bit.  Read More >
An elegant pasta dish that is reminiscent of shrimp scampi with its light citrusy flavors. This is easy to prepare but sophisticated enough for company.  Read More >
Creamy mashed potatoes seasoned with a tasty blend of salt and spices. The perfect side to complement any savory dish.  Read More >
Cut the carbs by swapping out pasta for spaghetti squash. This dish is so good you won’t miss the pasta.  Read More >
These pie pockets with a warm smoky sweet filling and flaky crust are great for little hands, but yummy enough to tempt the grown up palate as well. Make these ahead on the weekend to make packing lunches during the week easier.  Read More >
The addition of bacon to this chili gives it a great smoky flavor. This soup got the thumbs up from everyone in the family even the kids.  Read More >
Smoky barbeque flavored sloppy joes that the whole family will love. Plan on doubling the recipe as these go fast and make great leftovers.  Read More >
A ranch dressing with a hint of spiciness. This dressing made from the Southwest Ranch d.i.p.s and is perfect for those hearty greens with all the flavors of the southwest in each delicious bite!  Read More >
A delicious appetizer that is simple to prepare and will quickly become a favorite for parties. These are best served warm.  Read More >
An inexpensive, rustic dish that is delicious and easy to make. This can be made ahead and baked the next night for dinner.  Read More >
Delectable savory meatballs topped with a creamy sauce. The meatballs can be prepped the day before and baked the next day with the sauce. So flavorful and delicious that there may not be any leftovers.  Read More >
These elegant deviled eggs embody the essence of spring. With crisp peas, a touch of mint and light citrusy spices these make a great appetizer or a light lunch.  Read More >
Create some delicious mini tacos in a little tortilla cup. These are great for the lunch box or as fun appetizers for your next get together.  Read More >
A quick dinner that is sure to please. Great southwest flavors without the unhealthy ingredients typically found in packaged taco seasoning.  Read More >
A warm Reuben sandwich with smoky turkey, topped with creamy coleslaw and provolone cheese. Serve with our tangy Southwest Ranch dressing on the side.  Read More >
Fresh green beans from the garden that are seasoned with delightful Italian seasonings, bacon and onion. A simple to make dish that has the great flavor and is on the table in short order.  Read More >
A tasty soup that is brimming with healthy ingredients. The delightful mix of turkey sausage and cheese filled tortellini will have everyone asking for more.  Read More >
Is there a more delicious way to top dessert? This is real cream infused with vanilla and whipped until fluffy.  Read More >
A warm and spicy drink to cozy up with on a chilly day. Pair it with a good book or movie and you have bliss.  Read More >
Creamy sweet goodness in a bowl. Serve with vanilla bean whipped cream for a little bit of decadence.  Read More >
An herbed butter, created with a delicious depth of flavor. Add a pat to a grilled steak, salmon or a baked potato and let the flavors melt in.  Read More >
Potatoes drizzled with an herbed butter that has a delicious depth of flavor. These potatoes are great served warm or cold.  Read More >
An old family recipe pulled from Grandma’s recipe box. This is still a favorite at family gatherings.  Read More >