Oh Yum! Salty and sweet in one delicious cookie. These are easy to mix up and make a lot, which is good because they don't last long.  Read More >
Light and buttery cookies filled with sweet jam that are perfect with a cup of tea. These need time to chill so mix up the cookie dough the night before and bake the cookies just before company arrives. You'll have warm cookies ready to serve in no time.  Read More >
Is there a more delicious way to top dessert? This is real cream infused with vanilla and whipped until fluffy.  Read More >
A warm and spicy drink to cozy up with on a chilly day. Pair it with a good book or movie and you have bliss.  Read More >
Creamy sweet goodness in a bowl. Serve with vanilla bean whipped cream for a little bit of decadence.  Read More >