c.a.n.e Recipes

Delicious warm apples stuffed with walnuts and spices. These are great fresh out of the oven served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  Read More >
A cool and refreshing dessert. We added a twist to these fruity popsicles with a delicious salty-sweet lime flavor finish. Make ahead to have a great healthy kid friendly option on hand for that next pool party or birthday party.  Read More >
Why make ordinary brownies when you can make waffles? These chocolate waffles are topped with sweetened berries and a dollop of Vanilla Bean whipped cream for a delectable dessert.  Read More >
Chocolate strawberries, cherries and pineapple become decadent when sprinkled with flavored salts and sugars. These make impressive gifts, but make sure you save a few for yourself.  Read More >
Oatmeal flavored with blueberries and cinnamon for wonderful flavor. This healthy breakfast is infused with super foods that are great for your health. You can double the recipe and package it in individual servings for a great take-and-go breakfast or lunch.  Read More >
Deliciously warm peaches seasoned with cinnamon flavored cane sugar. These are great for all of your fall baking. Use these delectable slivers of yumminess for topping desserts, ice cream or oatmeal. Of course, they are so good all by themselves too.  Read More >
A delightful orange flavored cake that is grain free. A beautiful dessert for that special occasion.  Read More >
Why share, when you can have your own? These individually sized cakes are fun to make for the kids and elegant enough for an intimate dinner for two. Try these cakes served warm from the oven and enjoy the delicious combination of pineapple, sugar and spice.  Read More >
Delicious layers of raspberry and chocolate topped with a raspberry whipped topping.  Read More >
Chocolate and peanut butter, a great combination. This no bake dessert is so easy to make and the delicious layers look impressive.  Read More >
A deliciously light cake infused with the sumptuous flavor of peaches. This makes for an elegant dessert with a topping of lightly sweetened, roasted peaches and a vanilla bean whipped cream.  Read More >
A wonderfully spiced cake, that is perfect for all your fall and winter holiday parties. We topped this cake with a maple frosting that adds an extra dose of seasonal flavor.  Read More >
These sweet and nutty biscuits are perfect for the holiday table. Make a double batch as they go fast.  Read More >
Perfect dessert for two with delectable layers of sweet raspberries and orange cream. Easy to make for that romantic evening or when you have unexpected guests for dinner.  Read More >
A elegant cookie that is perfect for your next get together. These cookies can be prepared ahead of time, then sliced and baked just before the guests arrive. These also make good gifts at the holidays, just prepare the cookies up to the point of baking and wrap in colorful cellophane with pretty ribbons and you have an excellent hostess gift.  Read More >