d.i.p.s Recipes

Easy grilled burgers that are full of zesty flavor. We started by mixing in the Tuscan Ranch Dip and then stuffed them with bacon and cheddar. These are so yummy they are sure to become a staple this summer.  Read More >
A warm potato salad with a delicious bacon vinaigrette dressing and caramelized vegetables. This potato salad is perfect for a party or an everyday meal.  Read More >
Whole wheat pasta topped with roasted vegetables. The depth of flavor that comes from roasting the vegetables first makes this dish worthy to serve to company.  Read More >
A ranch dressing with a hint of spiciness. This dressing made from the Southwest Ranch d.i.p.s and is perfect for those hearty greens with all the flavors of the southwest in each delicious bite!  Read More >
A warm Reuben sandwich with smoky turkey, topped with creamy coleslaw and provolone cheese. Serve with our tangy Southwest Ranch dressing on the side.  Read More >