h.e.r.b Recipes

A twist on the traditional coleslaw, with light and tangy flavors that dance in your mouth. Since it doesn’t use mayonnaise (you’ll never miss it) this is a great dish for all those summer picnics.  Read More >
A great make ahead dish that is perfect for your next brunch. This savory casserole is similar to a bread pudding, with an egg custard that soaks into the French bread overnight and is then baked the next day.  Read More >
If you enjoy a good caprese salad you will enjoy this basil infused burger. Serve with a fruit salad for an easy summer meal.  Read More >
A creamy chowder with a lot of flavor. This is a great soup that can be pulled together quickly but tastes like you slaved over a stove all day.  Read More >
A classic cucumber salad that has been updated. The addition of Herbes de Provence adds a unique flavor that will have everyone asking for seconds. For the best flavor make the salad a day ahead and let the flavors meld overnight.  Read More >
Crisp cucumber and finely diced slivers of radish create a deviled egg that tastes like potato salad in a bite size shell.  Read More >
This egg salad has so much flavor with the magic of "Mojo" mixed right in. We start with hard boiled eggs, added chopped celery and onion for a little crunch and finished with mayonnaise and stone ground mustard for the perfect balance of creamy flavor.  Read More >
A warm and delicious soup full of good for you vegetables. This is made in the slow-cooker and is great for a busy day. Serve with some crusty bread and you have a hearty meal for those wintery nights.  Read More >
Vegetables straight from the garden become a delicious savory dish that is topped with an over easy dipping egg. With a little slicing and dicing and a hot skillet this dish can be on the table in less than 30 minutes.  Read More >
A rustic stew with all the flavors of Autumn. This unexpected meld of sweet and savory tantalizes the senses. A great vegetarian option, so full of flavor that even meat lovers will love it.  Read More >
A warm and savory soup that is ready in a flash. The aroma wafting through the house will have everyone checking what’s for dinner.  Read More >
Savory gluten free Italian meatballs that taste like Grandma made them. The meatballs can be cooked all the way through in the oven or simmered in a marinara sauce for a more traditional flavor (see note).  Read More >
A well loved classic soup. Our version is lightened up with turkey meatballs and is chock full of vegetables plus lots of great flavor.  Read More >
A light citrusy cookie with an infusion of lavender and salt that is perfect for any occasion. Mix the dough up ahead of time and it will be ready to bake for that special event.  Read More >
A delicious herb butter that is great to use in any dish. This is easy to make, keeps well and makes a great gift. Keep on hand for jazzing up those last minute meals.  Read More >
A great alternative to the store-bought dressing and it can be whipped up in a jiffy with ingredients you probably already have on hand.  Read More >
Roasting the tomatoes enhances the flavor and is easy to do. Expect the family to gather in the kitchen while these are cooking.  Read More >
Chicken wings are great game day food, but adding the s.a.l.t. sisters herb blend takes these wings to a whole new playing field.  Read More >
Delectable savory meatballs topped with a creamy sauce. The meatballs can be prepped the day before and baked the next day with the sauce. So flavorful and delicious that there may not be any leftovers.  Read More >
Fresh green beans from the garden that are seasoned with delightful Italian seasonings, bacon and onion. A simple to make dish that has the great flavor and is on the table in short order.  Read More >
A tasty soup that is brimming with healthy ingredients. The delightful mix of turkey sausage and cheese filled tortellini will have everyone asking for more.  Read More >