r.u.b.s Recipes

A classic combo, bacon and eggs, come together in a new way. These deviled eggs are sweet and spicy with honey glazed bacon and spicy mustard.  Read More >
These elegant deviled eggs embody the essence of spring. With crisp peas, a touch of mint and light citrusy spices these make a great appetizer or a light lunch.  Read More >
Apples and pork, is there a better combination? This dish brings sweet and savory flavors together to delight the senses. This is easy to make, just put the ingredients together and pop it in the oven.  Read More >
This meatless dish doesn't skimp on flavor. The sweetness of the potatoes mixes with the smokiness of the chipotle and the spiciness of the chili beans. This makes a good amount, which is a good thing since the chili tastes even better the next day.  Read More >
A tasty snack with lots of great flavor (tastes like Doritos) that the family will love. Make a big batch for movie night or the game, but keep in mind that this is addictive.  Read More >
A Bloody Mary is a great drink for brunch. However, this version of the popular cocktail is not for sissy's!  Read More >
A quick dinner that is sure to please. Great southwest flavors without the unhealthy ingredients typically found in packaged taco seasoning.  Read More >
An old family recipe pulled from Grandma‚Äôs recipe box. This is still a favorite at family gatherings.  Read More >
Sweet and smoky come together in this dish.  Read More >
The same creamy filling found in a pot pie but without the crust. Serve with biscuits or crusty bread to sop up the flavorful broth.  Read More >
For a quick meal whip up this flavorful recipe that uses fresh herbs and a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  Read More >
This simple corn bread has a light cake light texture with a hint of sweetness and citrus flavor. A great side dish for any meal.  Read More >
A rustic sandwich that is quick for a late night supper or easy lunch. For a more elegant presentation spoon the salad into a tomato. This makes a great dish for a summer picnic.  Read More >
Try this hearty chicken salad that will delight the palate. This can be pulled together quickly with a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  Read More >
A rustic dish that is delicious yet inexpensive to make with great savory flavor and a hint of sweetness. It looks like a lot when first put in the pan but the cabbage cooks down quite a bit.  Read More >
An inexpensive, rustic dish that is delicious and easy to make. This can be made ahead and baked the next night for dinner.  Read More >
An elegant pasta dish that is reminiscent of shrimp scampi with its light citrusy flavors. This is easy to prepare but sophisticated enough for company.  Read More >
The addition of bacon to this chili gives it a great smoky flavor. This soup got the thumbs up from everyone in the family even the kids.  Read More >